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Humidity issue becomes the most import factor to effect production, storation and planting in the industry. SoonDry is offering complete humidity control solutions for most of the application like workshop, warehouse, greenhouse. No matter how is the area constructure, humidity requirement or usage, you can find the right solutions or right dehumidifiers to optimize your environment. Get start to customize your solution of humidity issue.

SoonDry Superiority
  • 12 years dehumidifier manufacturing experience, stable products

  • 100,000 units annual capacity production base,and develop center

  • Certificated dehumidifier, Verified factory

We offer certificated Eco-Friendly DehumidifierEfficiency is the most import factor as user to consider for electrical equipment. SoonDry build dehumidifier based on the advnaced concept of refrigerative system to increase the efficiency of dehumidifications.Safety is another importatn factor in the daily use of dehumidifier, SoonDry gain the main safety certification of CE, CSA to ensure the facilities reach standard of Europ and North America
  • Bright color of metal plate makes the less heat loss of refrigeration, suitable for most of plant growing conditions

  • Large area of heat exchanger makes higher efficiency of dehumidifying

  • Easy connection of controller for power on/off for the unit

  • Save the cost of per pints for intital investment

  • CSA & CE Certificate, Safe & Eco-friendly

  • Greenhouse

    SoonDry Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier design for greenhouse

    Ceiling mounted without taking any floor space, we can provide remote control for dehumidifier, easy operation. High efficiency with scientific and reasonable construction design.

  • Laboratory

    SoonDry 3 in 1 humidifier dehumidifier combo machine design for laboratory.

  • Warehouse

    Warehouse requires big capacity industrial dehumidifier

    SoonDry has 240 liters ~ 1000 liters per day industrial dehumidifier design for warehouse using, with the application area 100~2000 square meters.

  • Swimming Pool

    3 in 1 cooling heating dehumidifier can be used for indoor swimming pool.It requires a dehumidifier with multiple function to control humidity and temperature to reach confortable feeling for users.

  • Workshop

    SoonDry industrial dehumidifier used for workshops to protect your goods

  • Indoor Parking

    Indoor parking area needs big industrial dehumidifier to keep dry for cars

  • Pharmaceutical Factory

    Pharmaceutical Factory requires strict humidity requirement during production. SoonDry desiccant wheel dehumidifier can bring down the humidity even to RH1%.

  • Real Estate

    Soondry provides whole house humidity control with fresh air solutions. Ceiling mounted fresh air dehumidifier with duct connection, you can control it by central control unit or even by your smart phone.

Keep Drying, Keep Green

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